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The Top 5 Burning Questions We Need to be Answered in Quicksand Season 2

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Quicksand, the critically acclaimed Swedish crime series, left us all on the edge of our seats with its gripping storyline and nail-biting cliffhanger. Now with season 2 confirmed to air soon, fans are eagerly waiting to see how Maja’s story unfolds. But as we gear up for another thrilling ride, there are some burning questions that need answers. Will Maja walk free? What new twists await her in her next legal battle? In this post, we’ll explore the top 5 burning questions Quicksand Season 2 needs to answer to satisfy our curiosity and keep us glued to our screens!

What is QUICKSAND season 2?

QUICKSAND season 2 is finally coming and with it, a lot of burning questions that need answers. Here are five of the most pressing:

  1. What will Jack (Adam Demos) and Amanda (Mia Kirshner) be up to this season? Fans of Season 1 were anxious to see what happened to Jack and Amanda post-quicksand. Season 2 promises some exciting developments, as both seem headed for trouble. Check out our exclusive first look at the duo in action below!
  2. Will Tracey (Olivia Thirlby) make a return?

Tracey was one of the casualties of quicksand – but that doesn’t mean she’s gone for good. Creator/executive producer Misha Green hinted during a recent interview that Tracey may have survived, leaving viewers wondering if she’ll come back to haunt team Oceanic 815. Keep an eye out for her in Season 2!

  1. What will Hurley (Jorge Garcia) be up to this season?

After emerging from quicksand unscathed in Season 1, Hurley looked like he was poised for a big year in Season 2 – only to have his plans derailed by the enigmatic character Paulo (RJ MacReady). Is Paulo behind Hurley’s troubles or is something else lurking beneath the surface? We’ll find out this season…or we won’t! We can’t give away all the surprises!

The plot of QUICKSAND season 2

QUICKSAND is back and better than ever. Season 2 promises more mystery, suspense, and horror than ever before. So what’s new in QUICKSAND season 2?

1) What is the significance of the blue orb?
2) Who killed Kevin Wendt?
3) Why was Ian so desperate to find the bottom of the well?
4) Will Bobby survive his ordeal in the well?
5) What’s behind all of the secrecy surrounding QUICKSAND season 2?
6) Is there a connection between Alice and Rachelle Mendez?
7) Who are The Pink Ladies and what do they want?
8) What was in Theresa Moran’s box and who killed her son?
9) Is Catherine real or an apparition created by Ghost Carrie?
10) Where is Jordan Valley and what is it really used for?

Casting news for QUICKSAND season 2

Can we expect more deaths?

This is definitely one of the most popular burning questions that fans have been asking since the first season of Quicksand ended. With so many secrets and unanswered questions, it’s no wonder that fans are eager for more answers. However, showrunner Kat Coiro has yet to provide any definitive info on this front. In an interview with TVLine, she said only that the second season will “usher in some big changes.” This suggests that the death toll from Season 1 will increase – but what could these changes be? Could new characters enter into the mix, deepening the story even further? Or could something dramatic happen to those who remain? Either way, we’re anxious to find out!

Will Max come back?

Another fan-favorite question is whether or not Max Hudson ( Charlie Heaton ) will make a return to Quicksand. Given the heavy fallout between him and Quinn ( Emma Roberts ), it seems unlikely that he would return voluntarily. However, considering all of the weird happenings in his absence ( like Quinn’s resurrection ), there’s definitely potential for him to reenter our screen sometime soon.

Who will be directing episodes this season?

One mystery still remaining from Season 1 is who will be directing each episode. Many viewers were dismayed when it was announced that director Erik Feig had left the series – and with good reason. His unique visual style helped bring life to Quicksand’s often- eerie landscapes

What to expect from the final episodes of QUICKSAND season 1

The final episodes of QUICKSAND season 1 are set to air on Tuesday, June 26, at 10 pm ET/PT on the ABC network. Here’s all you need to know about what to expect from the final episodes:

  1. Who will be the killer?

In the first half of the season, it seemed like everyone could be a suspect in the poisoning of investigative journalist Gail Porter (Maggie Grace). But who was really responsible for her death? The evidence suggests that someone with knowledge of Gail’s work killed her, but who was that person?

  1. Who is Will?

In one of episode 6×05 “Who Is Will? He has now achieved sobriety and is determined to clear his father’s name and find out what really happened to him and his sister. What is Will’s connection to Gail Porter and the other victims?

  1. What does Rose have to do with all of this?
    Since Season 1 ended with a huge cliffhanger, fans are desperate for answers about Rose (Liza Weil) and what role she’ll play in the finale. As it turns out, she had some dealings with Gail Porter before her death which may implicate her in wrongdoing. Fans are wondering if she’ll be in jail time or if there will be any resolution for her storyline.
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