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How the comic my divorced crybaby neighbour chapter 43

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Are you fond of comics? Do you also like to read a couple of pages from the Manga booklets to give you a dose of dopamine before bedtime? Indeed these comics are a great way to spend your time especially in vacations and pandemic.

Data has revealed that pandemic has significantly increased the number of readers in the 19 century. Most of the readers know every feature about mangas and their  interesting ones like my divorced crybaby neighbour. It is surely said to be top on the list. the manga market in Japan was valued at ¥586.4 billion ($6–7 billion),[9] with annual sales of 1.9 billion manga books.

However if you are new to the concept of comics, manga and my divorced crybaby neighbour, you can read the article below to unleash the mystery. My divorced crybaby neighbour chapter 43

Mangas are comics that are created originally in Japan. It is one of their old traditional practices. It has a long history of these concepts. The illustrations of these comic characters including their design and graphics are amazing.

The comics are also considered very interesting in other regions of the world too, other than Japan. It contains a variety of genres such as action, adventure, comedy, suspense,  drama, scary, heart touching, fiction and fantasy, erotica (hentai and ecchi) or sports and games. Many manga are translated into other languages too due to their wide popularity.

Now let’s talk deeper about one of it’s popular comics named as my divorced crybaby neighbour.


Are you regularly reading my divorced crybaby neighbour. Let me get you back to chapter 43. This series is filled with drama, laughter and tears. It will stimulate your senses and evoke your emotions.

Chapter 43: The Crybaby Next Door

The name of the chapter 43 is The Crybaby Next Door. In this chapter, a crybaby neighbpur persistently cries for longer periods of time. She doesn’t stop throughout the day. Sometimes, it becomes unbearable and annoying to the ears of the main character.

The main character doesn’t know about the actual problem of the lady but he knows that she is divorced and is going through a hard time. Occasionally, he also tries to help her and give her sympathy but eventually he gets tired of making her feel comfortable.

Feelings of the main character: –

The main character who is complaining about the crybaby neighbour itself is  divorced and was married for four years which were filled with the best moments of his life. He never thought he would ever be divorced in his married life.

He got married on friendship terms, where both parties happily agreed to divorce. It was due to a reason that both could not live together due to their circumstances. The husband had to move to another state for his personal cause whereas the wife wasn’t ready to move with him. Eventually, the main character got divorced and ended up with a crybaby neighbour next door.

The neighbour who constantly cries and complains about not having any money to pay for her bills. She also feels alone and moans about how hard her life is. Eventually, the character can’t just bear all of her crying and wants to shut her up but he knows it’s not a good approach to deal with a sensitive lady like her.

He intends to be a supportive neighbour of hers and make himself someone to be relied upon. He occasionally listens to her talks and makes her feel seen.

Things to be learned from this comic: –

The character says that he has learned from his neighbour. One thing that he learned is how feelings after divorce can vary for everybody. For some people it’s intense and for some it’s not something that totally ruins their lives. The character speaks up in full shock that he never knew that her whole life revolves around her ex husband and her individuality is greatly damaged from the day he had gone out of his life.

He generously offers her the help that she might need in hard times. The character says that divorce is not something to be taken so lightly and he has learned new values of patience and perseverance from her.

How to deal with a crybaby neighbour

The character’s experience has made him learn convenient ways to deal with a crybaby neighbour.

If you have a crybaby neighbour, there are a few things you can do to try to make the situation better.

  • Be very understanding and compassionate. Instead of judging the behavior of the person, try fitting your feet in their shoes. Have enough sympathy to feel their pain.
  • Second, take care of the needs of your neighbour. She might be in need of money for her kids. If you can afford to give her financial assistance then step ahead to provide some. If not, you can help her in her daily chores or things related to her kids.
  • If understanding and practical assistance is of no use then you can try distancing from them.

Moreover you can also have some boundaries to be respected by them.

My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour Tips: –

If you’re in a similar situation, here are some things you can do to deal with your crybaby neighbour:

1. Avoid them as much as possible and limit your interactions with them.

2. Explain your.feelings to them if their.behaviour is.affecting you mentally.and.ask.them.politely.to.reconsider their behavior and be patient.

3. Make sure they know that you are not the only solution.to.their problem .and that you are not always available to them to listen to their problems and.take care of their needs.

4. Seek support from your family, friends and other people. Share your tiring experience with them instead of bottling up your emotions inside.

Conclusion: – This manga teaches its readers many lessons along with offering entertainment and laughter. It depicts the hard realities of life and illustrates the importance of understanding the emotions and needs of other people including our neighbors. Keep reading comics like these and soon in upcoming chapters you may uncover more realities of life filled with adventure and suspense

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